Army of Darkness Board Game Arrives to Fill Evil Dead Void

Dynamite Entertainment has announced something pretty groovy, as they’re going to be making an Army Of Darkness board game. The news comes not long after Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled by Starz, leaving a void to be filled. While we’re sure to hear news of other on-screen projects in the future, this new tabletop game may very well help many fans fill the hole in their heart. Here’s what Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci had to say about it.

“Army of Darkness was the first license we signed at Dynamite and it still holds a very special place in our heart. So we couldn’t think of a better, more exciting brand to use for our first miniatures game. We can’t wait to show tabletop gamers and horror fans what we have planned!”

In Army of Darkness: The Board Game, players will take on the role of unlikely hero Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding, time traveling S-Mart employee. In this multiplayer game, Ash and his allies will lead an army of medieval knights against a horde of unliving Deadite zombies. Lynnvander Studios, who previously worked with Dynamite on their Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Re-Animator board games are working on this new game. The game will come with some very detailed mini figures and other miniatures that can be supplemented with expansions and other accessories.

This new Army of Darkness game has nothing to do with the Evil Dead 2 board game, which was funded on Kickstarter in 2016. The makers of that game, Space Goat, purchased a license but unfortunately ran out of money and haven’t been able to fulfill products for their backers. So this Army of Darkness game may serve as a bit of solace for those who have been waiting on that game to actually arrive. As Nick Barrucci explains, Army of Darkness and Evil Dead are owned by different studios and Dynamite has held the license for the former for quite some time.

“The IP holder for Army of Darkness and the IP holder for Evil Dead are two entirely different rights holders who have nothing to do with each other. The Army of Darkness movie is owned by MGM and I’m not certain who owns the Evil Dead franchise. We’ve produced Army of Darkness comics and merchandise for 14 years. Yes, Ash is in both, but different rights holders for each franchise. And Space Goat and Dynamite are two entirely different companies.”

Bruce Campbell, unfortunately, retired as Ash Williams in the wake of Ash Vs. Evil Dead getting the ax, but he recently teased that there are going to be new incarnations of the franchise heading our way. It may not be a movie, but this board game is a great place to start. Currently, there is no word on when the game may be released, but you can check out some early artwork (which isn’t finalized) for Army of Darkness: The Board Game for yourself below, courtesy of Dynamite.

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