Juggernaut Arrives in Official Deadpool 2 Photo

As Deadpool 2 careens towards it’s third weekend of release, 20th Century Fox has decided to share a first official look at one of the sequel’s biggest surprises. They’ve released an official photo of Juggernaut, the popular X-Men villain who makes his triumphant return to the big screen this summer.

There had been plenty of rumors that Juggernaut was making his big comeback in Deadpool 2, though early test screening patrons claimed the sequel blew it in dusting off the character. Reshoots fixed some of those problems, and fans have been otherwise happy with the giant metalhead’s revival.

The image in question shows Juggernaut after he escapes from the prison convoy, clad in his yellow jumpsuit. The Marvel comics character made his big screen debut in X-Men: The Last Stand, as played by Vinnie Jones. He was also supposed to return in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but those plans got scrapped at the last minute. Deadpool 2 gives fans a much more comic accurate depiction of the big guy. He appears as a giant who towers over most humans. And he’s so powerful, he has to be kept in a special maximum security cell.

So, who’s playing Juggernaut this time around? That’s actually a pretty interesting answer. The character is a CG creation concocted by VFX studio Framestore Montréal. Ryan Reynolds, who stars in the movie as the title character, actually lent his voice to Juggernaut, with the sequel’s director David Leitch allowing the villain’s face to be molded after his own. In the credits, we learn that Juggernaut is played by ‘himself’.

This version of Juggernaut is gigantic, standing at 9′ 6″. While he is a visual effect, his helmet is real, with a full scale recreation being used on set, so that a stuntman could jump on top of it. The image below comes shortly after Juggernaut is introduced in the movie for the first time.

An interesting note, Deadpool 2 makes it clear that Juggernaut wears his massive metal helmet to keep his step-brother from reading his mind. And here, most fans thought he wore it so he could more easily tear through walls and other seemingly indestructible structures. So, who’s the guy’s stepbrother? Why, it’s none other than Charles Xavier, who also has a small cameo in the movie.

Juggernaut, real name Cain Marko, lived with Xavier after Marko’s father married Professor X’s mom. Suffice it to say, Cain has a lot of pent up anger against his stepbrother. But that’s not who he fights during the climatic ending. Instead, we get to see Colossus going toe-to-toe with Juggernaut. The big bad dude gets a beat down with an electric cable, but he lives to see another day, and possibly another sequel. Perhaps Juggy will show up in the X-Force movie? Here’s a look at Juggernaut thanks to Fox Movies.

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