News: Fortnite's failed rescue mission now has its own Easter egg

Fortnite played host to a hilarious rescue mission last week, when a player known as Chappadoodle found himself in a bit of a pickle by getting stranded off the side of the map following a ruck with an opponent.

To cut a very long and hilarious story short, he’s nearly helped out by YouTuber Muselk, who despite all his efforts ends up killing him with a golf cart instead.

Epic Games caught wind of the encounter, and has now put up an actual Easter egg honouring Chappadoodle’s botched rescue attempt. Players will find a grave marker at the site of the event, which is also located near a pile of tires, an obvious reference to the golf cart used.

Here it is:

You can watch the whole rescue mission below. To be fair, it’s pretty epic and you can’t help but feel bad for poor Muselk who really did his best to help out Chappadoodle. 



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